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Getting The Most Out Of Water Barrels

It has been said in a poem that there is no such thing as bad weather and that the sun and the rain are the same as they both are from the glory of nature. Some might really disagree with that assessment. And then there are those that make use of those rainy days by catching the rainwater in water barrels. Yes, rain water barrels can prove to be a great help because they allow you to effectively irrigate your land and/or garden when water is on short supply.

In some regions, it is not uncommon for the summer or other months to bring with them droughts. This limits you to using either rain water barrels or your old fashioned garden hose. Then again, the garden hose might not even really be an option. For starters, there is a lot of cost using the hose as it will lead to your water bill running up, and up, and up. And that's if you are allowed to use the hose! When drought conditions become severe, it is not uncommon for some localities to ban the use of water for irrigation purposes. Violating such ordinances can lead to huge fines. Rather than deal with such issues, would it not be a much better plan to purchase quality rain water barrels which can effectively and easily capture rain during the wet season?

Once you have captured the rain water, you can store it until the time is needed to use it to irrigate your garden. This may even turn out to be the best course of action to take since rain is, of course, natural water and does not contain the chlorine that is in the water coming from your hose. Your flowers and vegetable garden might end up appreciating the fact they are hydrated by natural rainwater that does not contain all manner of impurities.

Speaking of impurities....

If you make your own rain water barrels, it is likely the barrel was used for something else at some point. When you acquire such a barrel, you will definitely need to clean it out thoroughly. You will also want to use bleach to kill off any organic matter that might remain inside the barrel since you do not want any germs to fester.

You will also need to put a screen in place so that no additional debris such as leaves and the like find their way into the barrel when you collect the water. The debris will add nothing to the rain water and certain will add nothing to your irrigation of your garden. Additionally, the water could end up somewhat "poisoned" by unsanitary debris and we do not want impure water finding its way into your garden.

And you will eventually need to add a spigot with a faucet to it. That barrel may be fairly light when it is empty, but it is going to be REAL heavy when it fills up with water. As such, the spigot, faucet, and hose will be needed to extract the water.

Does it seem like there are a lot of additional steps to using water barrels? Not really. You just need to be a little thorough in terms of how you use them.


Garden Gnomes Statues

There is a good chance that you have seen some of the remarkable garden gnome statues available in the backyard or garden of someone you know. These garden gnomes are designed to add a fun and whimsical feeling to the location that they are placed in and with so many different styles to choose from, there will be no end to the number of choices you will have for these items.

What most people who own garden gnome statues tend to find is that they are able to take a space that is visually stunning and add a new depth of pleasure to it. With the right garden gnomes you are able to create a little fantasy work with statues and items that can be little a little village right in your own backyard. This can make them an exceptional choice and your entire family is going to love them.

Something you will also want to keep in mind as you look at these garden gnome statues is the fact that many items are turning out to be collectable as well. This means that some choices will not only give you some fun and exciting options for these garden gnomes, but they will also provide you with an investment at the same time.

These of course include everything from sporting teams to limited edition castings of many of the popular garden gnomes that you can find in stores and online. This will appeal to some and will give you another reason why you might want to strongly consider having garden gnome statues in your backyard as well.

Above all, is the fact that these statues do remain a fun and exciting option as well. They can take a simple flower garden and add a unique and visually stunning appearance that will have you lost in a fantasy world as you imagine all the things that this gnome might be doing as you go off to work during the day and sleep at night.

As with any item you are considering putting in your garden, you are going to want to ensure that you consider all the options that you have. While some people will simply settle on one particular style of garden gnome statues, there are a series of them out there that you can mix and match. When you find the one that is going to work best for your needs, you will be able to ensure that you have a memorable experience by filling your garden with these fun and whimsical characters.

Garden gnomes are some of the best choices that you are going to have when it comes to adding a level of fun to your garden. Make sure you make the most of this experience and find all the different things you can do with these exciting additions for your outdoor space.


DIY or Professional Lawn Care

You don't have time for complicated garden arrangements or have enough space to have both flower stops and a lawn? In any case you should either spend time to take care of it or hire a professional lawn care company to do it for you.

Many would think that taking care of a lawn is simple. Indeed, it is not rocket science, but still there are many things to know in order to have a healthy and nice lawn. Using a professional lawn care service will save you the time required to learn the lawn care secrets as well as the risk involved in practicing over your own garden.

How a professional lawn care company can help? Usually they will make an analysis of the current condition of your lawn. It normally includes the grass types, turf density, thatch, lawn diseases, weeds type and presence, watering patterns, and so on. Each one of these is very important and must be taken into account for growing a healthy garden.

The next batch of services depends of the analyses made. Most of the professional lawn care companies offer weed and moss control, scarification, pest control, fungus and disease control, fertilization. If you are new to the subject it is likely that you don't know what exactly each one of this means. Here is a brief explanation.

Weed control includes monitoring of the weed growth and the application of various treatments to reduce it. Scarification is a mechanical process that removes dead moss and combing the thatch. It's important for the proper growth of the grass as well as for the good watering. Do not worry if some lawn areas will have to be re-seeded after the scarification. The pest control includes application of pest products and a recommendation which are the best ones after consideration of the most common pests for your garden.

In fact you may not need professional lawn company to take care for your lawn all round the year. You can b briefed how to handle the regular activities such as watering and mowing. It is easy to learn the basics of watering and mowing. The lawn company can handle the pest control and fertilization. This way you will not only spend some money but will benefit from a relaxing hobby.

If you are an enthusiast and want to take care of your lawn alone, than here are some basics tips to help you start. Select grass type that matches your climate. Once you have selected a plant type that will thrive, then preparation and maintenance are keys to success. Learn how to water your garden properly. It is best to water it in the mornings so that the grass can be dry by the night. Avoid frequent watering and shallow watering as they do more harm than good. Also remember not to water after fertilization. Mowing is the second important thing. Use a mower with a sharp blade and never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height. Maintain your lawn equipment regularly and keep it in good condition.


Sprinkler System Timer

Watering your lawn and your garden is the best way to ensure that your plants grow, and you will find that watering your plants will be the easiest way to provide them with the water that is vital for their survival. Many people find that watering the lawn by hand is a great deal of work, and the search for a more convenient way to water a lawn has led the gardening tool manufacturers to invest the sprinkler system.

The sprinkler system is one of the best ways to water your property, but you will find that having to turn your sprinkler system on and off can be just as much of a hassle. Leaving the sprinkler system running for too long can actually flood your lawn, which can be as damaging for your grass as not having enough water. Being able to turn the sprinklers on and off will be an important part of keeping your lawn looking beautiful.

Rather than having to turn your sprinklers on and off, you will find that using a sprinkler system timer will enable you to set the times at which your lawn and garden will be watered. Sprinkler timers are designed to turn the sprinkler system on at the time when you want the plants to be watered, and will turn it off once they have enough water. Thanks to the advanced features of modern day sprinkler systems, you are able to set your sprinkler system timer to the precise time that you want it to go off and on.

One of the main reasons for using a sprinkler timer is that you are able to set the time when you want your sprinkler system to go off, usually when you are not home. The best times to water your grass will be early in the morning before the sun comes up and late in the afternoon once the sun has set. Watering your grass in the middle of the day may cause your grass to be scorched by the heat of the sun, so setting your sprinklers timers to water the grass at these times is important. Thanks to the sprinkler timer that you use, the grass will still be watered even though you are at work at both of those times.

Another major advantage to using the sprinkler timers is that you are able to set a specific watering time for each area of your property. If you know that your garden is shaded between certain hours, watering the plants during that time will ensure that the sun doesn't scorch them. You are also able to conserve water by watering different areas at different times of the day, and you will find that your sprinkler timer will be one of the best investments that you can make for your garden.


Compost Tumbler Bins

Compost tumbler bins are inexpensive, but useful tools for those who want to take an organic approach to their gardening. The compost tumbler in short holds organic waste that is useful for fertilizing a lawn or garden. It's true that people could easily purchase chemical fertilizers, but many people are opposed to this. This is because it's important for them to grow an organic garden. When something is grown organically, it means that it is free of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Many commercial fertilizers contain these chemicals so the organic gardener won't want to purchase these commercial preparations. For these gardeners, especially if they are growing an organic vegetable garden, it's healthier for them to use compost tumbler bins to produce their own chemical-free fertilizer.

The compost bins work in this way. They hold organic waste such as leaves, shrub, twigs, grass, dirt, and even fruit and vegetable rinds. Because all of these materials are living matter, they have bacteria and enzymes. These multiply when the organic material is exposed to moisture and heat. As the bacteria and the enzymes multiply, they work together to break down the natural materials. This process is called decomposition. The decomposition takes place inside of the compost tumbler because the dark and moist conditions are perfect for decomposition. As these organic materials break down, they turn into a material called mulch. The mulch is then harvested from the compost bins, and the mulch is spread over the area of the lawn or the garden that needs growth.

As one could see, creating mulch inside of compost bins is not only safer than most commercial fertilizers, but this process is also far more cost efficient. It's less inexpensive to collect the organic trash around the woods, the garden, and in the home that is plentiful, instead of buying a commercial bag of fertilizer. So not only are gardeners doing their part to keep up the environment, they are saving themselves money too!

The compost tumbler bins can be found in any gardening store, or the supplies can be purchased to create one's own compost. Many people decide that once they give this method of gardening a try, they won't return back to their previous ways of fertilizing again! It's more satisfying for a gardener to create their own mulch for these purposes. Beyond this, it's very important for many people to do their part to save the environment. They feel that they need to do their part to recycle, and certainly using compost bins go a long way to recycle organic trash to help new life growth.


Gardening Tips and Controlling Plant Pests

Most of us are ready to invest a huge amount of money for landscaping and gardening to give a face lift for our home. But we failed to prune when the plants needed it, and then your highly invested landscape looks terrible than ever. So this is a high time to know about the gardening tips for better maintenance of your lawn. Do follow the following gardening tips for better life of your garden: -

Gardening tips for pruning
As we discussed in the introduction, pruning plays an important role in the garden maintenance. If you commit any mistake while pruning, dont lose your heart because its like a bad haircut, it is going to grow again.

Avoid watering in the evening
During summer, you may experience high humidity, which might result in lot of problems in your garden. To get your plants nice and dry, tuck them in for night. In addition to this watering in the evening may be avoided to prevent damage to the plants.

Get rid of Powdery mildew
Powdery mildew is the common fungus mostly affects your ornamental plants. This will create white film on the leaves of the plants in your garden. Even other ornamental plants such as Sand cherry and Dogwoods are also getting affected with this fungus. Efficient gardening is necessary to curtail the growth of this fungus. You can easily prevent this by spraying general fungicide in the garden centre.

Prevention of Pythium Blight
If youre in the north and also having perennial Rye grass, then you ought to be very careful not to leave your grass wet at night. A dreadful fungus called Pythium Blight may take its upper hand, if you leave your lawn wet in the night because this fungus love to grow in high humid condition mostly, in the night.

Pythium blight can easily be seen in the early morning. You can easily appreciate the fungus on the top of the lawn as white cotton candy. You can easily notice this fungus mainly along driveways and walks, where the soil is moist. Pythium blight can easily be controlled by watering in the day at the earliest possible time.

Fire Blight
Fire Blight, yet another culprit prefers to grow well during summer than any other season. This fungus prefers to attack Pyracantha, cotoneasters, crabapple trees, and Apple trees. The presence of Fire Blight can easily be visualized once the any one of the branches of the plant turns red and dies. This Fire Blight can be prevented little by pruning the affected branch and removing it from the main plant as far as possible.

It is also important that the cut branches should be burnt since Fire Blight is contagious and also wash or dip the projected shears by using alcohol in order to prevent the spread of the deadly fungus to other parts of the branch.

Shotgun fungus
A little gem like fungus, which prefers to grow in mulch and tends to swell, has been termed as Short gun Fungus. This fungus can fly up to 8 feet in the air and will spatter your house with tiny brown specks and once they stick to your house or windows, they stick like glue. Most of us suspect the spiders and aliens for this tiny brown speck. You cant prevent this fungus, but can do something by keeping the mulch loose so air can circulate inside to keep this fungus out. Although mulch is great, dont allow them to get packed, try to remove it at least once in a year and also rake it flat as if it will look like youve just mulched.


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